If You Suffer From Any Of The Most Common 5 Aches And Pains You’ll Want To Read This

Ease The Five Most Common Aches And Pains

  1. My shoulders or chest feel tight.
    Do you notice by the end of the day you are slumping at the desk? This is a very typical work posture and leads to the tightening of chest muscles – the ones responsible for pulling the shoulders forward. This subsequently weakens the opposite muscles (behind the shoulder) that pull the shoulder blades back and down. This leads to tight, clunky shoulders and PAIN.

How can massage help?
By facilitating release of the chest using breathing and gentle yet powerful movements, shoulders can be worked on, tight tissues made to melt away, and very easy-to-follow exercises given to strengthen posture.

  1. It is difficult to move my neck.
    Do you have neck pain? Can’t turn your head around? Feel like you have ‘wrenched’ your neck? Often a gradual tightening of the muscles precedes a muscle tear; which in turn leads to a ‘spasm’ – where the muscles ‘lock’, and seem reluctant to let go. This is also often confused with a trapped nerve.

How can massage help?
By focusing on releasing the muscles slowly the spasm can be eased, and muscles restored to a healthier range of motion. With the help of a competent therapist, and some very simple mobility exercises, you should feel it happening quite quickly!

  1. After I run/exercise I get a pain in my muscles.
    Hamstrings feel tight or restrictive? Your Glutes (buttocks) are painful? A knee feels like it’s being pulled off-centre? Often when we train hard the body responds the only way it knows – by yelping in pain! Good, hard training inevitably leads to an accumulation of natural toxic waste – the by-products of muscle activity. Whilst warm-downs, hot showers and stretching after activity can help shift these troublesome particles, sometimes the build-up becomes too much, and intervention is needed.

How can massage help?
Massage ‘flushes’ out the muscles, and overworked, torn and knotted muscles can be ‘persuaded’ to go back to their original, healthy, functioning pain – free state!

  1. I feel very stiff in the mornings, but it gets better throughout the day.
    This is possibly because your body has been moving very little for several hours. Our bodies are made for MOVEMENT, and will ‘grumble’ at us if we hold them in static positions for too long.

How can massage help?
When investigating the source of the discomfort, we often find it is within tissues that are already tight from our daily routines. The long periods of static sleep are usually ‘the straw to brake the camel’s back’. A good massage therapist can help review your daily routines, and look at the possible causes. This is in addition to manual deep-tissue, or sports massage, which will unlock tight tissues, and should provide a rapid and measurable amount of pain relief.

  1. I can’t sleep at night, and it’s getting worse.
    Thoughts rushing through your head? About today? About tomorrow? Chances are you’re breathing is shallow, and you’re exhibiting all the signs of the ‘fight or flight’ stress response.

How can massage help?
Breathing is the key in this scenario, along with exercises in mindfulness. A well trained, advanced massage therapist should be able to help you in this regard. It’s quite a specialist subject, so make sure you ask your therapist if they have experience in this area. (As we do at Everyday Performance Therapy) The idea is, by teaching our muscles when they are ‘on’ and when they are ‘off’, even the most stressed-out of us can learn to take back control of our sleep patterns. This is ironically achieved by initially relinquishing control of our muscles, and allowing ourselves to gain knowledge of what soft, relaxed, loose muscles actually feel like.

We can help you!

At Everyday Performance Therapy we know how frustrating it is when you don’t get the treatment you are looking for. So we tailor your treatment to your requirements. We can work as light as a feather; or as heavy as you can handle; and if you’re not sure? That’s fine. We’ll work with you to make sure it’s right for you.

If you are not sure if we can help you you, why not take advantage of our FREE online consultation at

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