Covid – 19 (Coronavirus) Our Current Status and Policy Statement @ 13:45hrs 20/03/2020

Notice for my clients about COVID-19 (Corona Virus)

No doubt you have heard a lot about COVID-19 (Corona Virus) in the media recently as the situation continues to unfold.

As a health care practitioner, I care for the health of my clients as well as my own.

COVID-19 is primarily spread between people when we directly touch or breath the air of someone who is already infected, or through touching a surface that has been recently infected.

Hygiene and infection control is actually part of a massage therapist’s training because of the nature of our work.

So I wanted to share with you the precautions I am taking here in my treatment room.

Things I always do to be clean and sanitary:

✅ I use fresh linen for each client (as always)
✅ I wash my hands thoroughly with with antibac hand wash before each client (as always)
✅ My treatment environment is clean and sanitary (as always) We are Cleaning the entire clinic daily, before the 1st apointment of each day. We are also adding in extra cleaning bewtween Each appointmnt.
✅ I am working closley with my center manages Milton Keynes Buisness Center to ensure Bathrooms and shared spaces are regularly cleaned and disinfected (as always)
✅ Clients are asked not to attend if they are sick (as always)

At the moment I am also adding the precautions of:

✅ I ask clients not to attend if they have recently travelled or been in contact with any confirmed cases
✅ I provide sanitising hand wash for each client on entering and leaving the room
✅ I am using a disinfectant wash on commonly touched surfaces before each client

Right now I am continuing to provide the usual care and support for all my clients. As the situation unfolds and we learn more, I will continue to follow the advice from the authorities and update you accordingly.



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