5 Must Have Reasons Why Office Workers Need A Sports Massage

Benefits Of Sports Massage For Office Workers

What are the benefits of sports massage for office/laptop workers, and other professionals not normally thought of as ‘sporty’? Working long, tiring hours at an office desk or laptop can easily result in a slumped posture, sore shoulders, stiff neck, and often a headache too!

It’s well known that sports massage therapists relieve stiff, sore, aching muscles for athletes. But it’s NOT as well known that stiff and sore muscles can be treated by the deep tissue massage techniques inherent in sports massage to benefit all people.Benefits Of Sports Massage For Office Workers

Benefits of sports massage:

1. Pain relief

Our muscles are made for movement; they don’t like it when they are held static for long periods of time. Sports massage can get those muscles moving; easing and softening; and making them more pliable and relaxed.

2. Movement/Mobility

Stiff neck and shoulders? Sports massage can restore movement and functionality in stiff and aching muscles. Your therapist will also provide you with self-help exercises for you to do at home and during the work day.

The benefits of sports massage include effective treatment for headaches and neck pain!

3. Stress Relief

How stressful is pain? Very! No pain = less stress. An expert Sports Massage Therapist might aim to help you reduce your stress by assisting you in gaining an understanding of your body’s responses to stress.

4. Improved efficiency

It’s fair to say that it is not possible to be working at full efficiency when in pain from a bad back, a tension headache, or a migraine. A good quality, professional sports massage can allow you to return to work feeling better; with a focused mind; and a pain free body.

5. Prevention of further pain

One of the roles of a good, experienced, professional sports massage therapist is being a teacher. A good sports massage therapist can teach you about your body, and the way it responds and interacts with your working environment. This can promote an understanding of how to prevent further pain. In addition, an expert sports massage therapist might also provide exercises that can assist in preventing future pain.

What do your clients say about the benefits of sports massage for office/laptop workers?

“Jimmy was very friendly and professional. He assessed my symptoms and i had a back neck and shoulder massage tailored to my needs. I would recommend Jimmy and visit again.

Gill Bradley


What benefits of sports massage do Everyday Performance Therapy clients enjoy?

At Everyday Performance Therapy we know how frustrating it is when you don’t get the treatment you are looking for. So we tailor your treatment to your requirements. We can work as light as a feather; or as heavy as you can handle; and if you’re not sure? That’s fine. We’ll work with you to make sure it’s right for you.

Come and visit us – we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!


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